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Blog : First reviews of Madame X in London

In full voice

The cast on stage in Madame X

Several reviews of MADAME X are in!

First up, A Younger Theatre's review of Madame X describes the cast shining with a refreshing energy, creating a vibrant atmosphere, singling out for praise Jon Stainsby's great comic timing and gorgeous rounded baritone, Taylor Wilson's extremely charismatic and artsy Cruella-de-Vil-ish Lady Brannoch, Laura Sheerin who finds a beautiful balance between innocence and a fesity spiriy as Zerlina, and Tom Morss, whose tenor hits your bones as Masetto's life crumbles. Tim Benjamin's score is also given high praise, beautifully composed with many delicious flavours and shades.

Next up there's Now As I Write's review of Madame X, which highlights the moving violin solo which opens the first act, and the cast from the outset offering a charming rapport and clear characterisation. The review praises the beautiful voices across the board, in particular stunning soprano Laura Sheerin and fantastic baritone Jon Stainsby, and in general the undoubtedly talented ensemble, and concludes: Exquisite when in chorus, inherently melancholy and ultimately soul-bearing, Madame X poses infinitely more questions than it answers.

The traditional press also made an appearance, with the Evening Standard praising an intriguing bit of weirdness and singling out, again, Jon Stainsby's particularly pleasing presence and also the score, highlighting a Passion-like lament with cello obbligato and a choral development of Gregorian chant [which] thrills (link). The Guardian praise MADAME X's strong performances and theatrical flair, and the particularly strong performances of Marc Callahan's dangerous charisma both vocally and physically, Taylor Wilson all hauteur and thrilling low notes and Tom Morss' touchingly naive Masetto. (link)

Watch out for further reviews soon!

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