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Blog : More Madame X reviews

Early on in Madame X

All seems well for the moment - L to R: Jon Stainsby (Botney), Tom Morss (Masetto), and Laura Sheerin (Zerlina)

The reviews for MADAME X continue to pour in! Have you seen the first round-up of reviews?

First in this new batch, here's The Upcoming's review of Madame X by Georgia Mizen, which praises the opera's very modern relevance and subtle humour, and describes the performance as emotively sung, intelligently presented in English and with an undoubtedly talented ensemble, and accurately sums up the plot as a satirical gaze upon the perpetual pennilessness of the artist. Jon Stainsby (Botney) and Laura Sheerin (Zerlina) are singled out for exceptional praise.

Next we have a review of Madame X by Carolin Kopplin for UK Theatre Network. The review picks up on some of the references in Tim Benjamin's score, and praises the singers: the quality of the voices is excellent throughout. Of many musical moments, the reviewer was particularly impressed by the beautiful piece that is sung by the worshippers at the beginning of Act 2, and singles out Taylor Wilson as Lady Brannoch and Marc Callahan as the capitalist Mr Wilmore who almost steal the show. In summary, the review proclaims Madame X an intriguing new opera that is definitely worth seeing.

Next up, we have a review from the world premiere in the Yorkshire as Todmorden News reviews Madame X. Again, the review highlights the opera's satire of the rich, and praises the inventive staging and the assertive voices. The music is praised for being accessible and tuneful, and the review concludes by recommending Madame X as well worth a visit and there's a sting in the tail.

Finally in this round-up we have a review of Madame X by I Care If You Listen. This is the first review to pick up on some of the gender politics lurking beneath the surface of Madame X, and singles out Taylor Wilson for praise, who left the review wishing we had an entire opera about Lady Brannoch, together with Marc Callahan, who immersed the audience in this deliciously skeezy, predatory, slimeball character. Overall the review describes the cast of Madame X as impressive and in excellent voice and the opera overall as enjoyable - especially if you enjoy new opera.

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