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“A song! A song! Sing us a song!”

The music of MADAME X, by award-winning composer Tim Benjamin is influenced strongly by the music of Handel, and bears some comparison to the sounds of the Baroque. Yet it is certainly a modern piece: like the works of art that pepper the libretto, Benjamin’s score darts about the history of classical music...

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In addition to the voices, MADAME X is scored for:

  • Two violins
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Harpsichord / chamber organ

“The Cheerful Company”

Masetto, a master painter — Tom Morss

Zerlina, his fiancée — Laura Sheerin

Botney, an agent — Jon Stainsby

Lady Brannoch, an aristocrat — Taylor Wilson

Mr Wilmore, a capitalist — Marc Callahan

The art-loving, heavy-drinking, devout PUBLIC — Rebecca Moon, Sophie Dicks, Edwin Pitt Mansfield and Owain Browne.

DirectorTim Benjamin

Music Director — Antony Brannick

Designer — Lara Booth

Orchestra — Jenny Sheldon (harpsichord / chamber organ), Lynda Robertson (flute), Rachael Gibbon (clarinet), Charlotte Dowding, Clemence Hazael-Massieux (violins), Stephanie Gordon (viola), Alistair Howes (cello)